Essential Considerations for Corporate Video Filming in London

London, the vibrant, historic capital of England, boasts a captivating backdrop for any video production. From iconic landmarks like Big Ben to the modern cityscape, London offers a plethora of filming locations to showcase your brand. However, navigating the bustling streets and ever-changing environment requires careful planning.

Here at WOWVI Video, we’ve produced numerous corporate videos in London, and we’re here to share some key considerations to ensure your video shoot is a smooth and successful affair.

Location, Location, Location:

  • Picking the Perfect Spot: London offers diverse filming locations, from bustling business districts to serene parks. Consider the message you want to convey when choosing a location. A modern office building aligns well with a corporate message, while a historical landmark can add a touch of tradition.
  • Permits & Permissions: Filming in certain locations may require permits. Research any necessary permissions well in advance, especially for areas like Royal Parks or specific landmarks.
  • Logistical Considerations: Think about accessibility for your crew and equipment. Is there easy parking available? Are there power outlets nearby if needed? Factor these logistical elements into your location selection.

Planning for the Unpredictable:

  • London’s Weather: British weather, as charmingly unpredictable as it may be, can throw a curveball during filming. Be prepared with a backup plan in case of rain or unexpected sunshine. Consider having access to an indoor location if necessary.
  • The Bustling City: London is a vibrant city, and background noise can be a concern. Choose quieter filming times if possible, or utilise sound equipment to capture clear audio. For interviews, consider a controlled environment with minimal background noise.
  • Mind the Tube: The iconic London Underground can be a logistical nightmare for filming schedules. Plan your filming around peak times to avoid crowds and disruptions.

Capturing the Essence of Your Brand:

  • Storytelling is Key: While showcasing London’s beauty is a plus, ensure your video focuses on your brand story. Use the location to complement your message, not overshadow it.
  • Embrace the Local Flavour: Subtly incorporate London’s unique character into your video. This could be through iconic landmarks in the background, local actors, or even incorporating elements of British culture.
  • Professionalism Matters: A polished and professional video reflects well on your brand. Invest in high-quality equipment and hire an experienced video production company familiar with the city’s filming landscape.

Making Your London Video Shoot a Success:

Filming in London can be a rewarding experience, resulting in a captivating and impactful video for your brand. By carefully considering the logistics, planning for the unexpected, and focusing on your brand story, you can ensure a smooth filming experience and achieve exceptional results.

Ready to Capture Your Brand Story in London?

WOWVI Video can help you navigate the nuances of filming in London. Our team of experienced videographers and producers will work closely with you to understand your vision and create a corporate video that resonates with your target audience. Contact us today to discuss your project and turn your London video vision into a reality!

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